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What I Do

Why do you need an engineer anyway?


Which studio is best for your needs? Analog or digital? Live or multitracked? My job is to help you take your project from concept to reality. I’ll work with you to determine what approach is best for your work. I put my years of experience to work for you in everything from pre-production to tracking.


Once the project is recorded, I work with you to produce the best representation of your work. I’ll make your mixes shine without turning you into a robot. Recorded your project elsewhere? A new set of ears can offer a fresh perspective to bring out the best in a mix.


I bring my studio skills to your gig. I familiarize myself with your sound and work to reinforce your performance, not just amplify it.


I’m happy to lend my voice to any corporate or commercial voiceover project. I have years of experience in audiobooks and radio production. Voiceover Demo

Samples of Previous Work:



20 years of experience to help you sound right

Sound, particularly the sound of recorded music, has been a driving force in my life since childhood. I have devoted much of my life to the study and pursuit of the art of recording. This endeavor has led me to a number of invaluable experiences that inform my approach to sound and the art of reproducing it. I've been on both sides of the glass, on stage and backstage. I prefer to work with clients to achieve the right sound for them, whether that's pristine and realistic or gnarly and noisy. I am a graduate of Western Michigan University and the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. I have done extensive work in radio, audiobooks, and higher education; I teach college courses in audio production locally.